Rega Aura, reference MC phono preamp.

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Rega Aura, reference MC phono preamp.

Aura, reference MC preamplifier

The reference MC phono preamp, model Aura, represents the culmination of decades of electronics design development. We’ve created the ultimate fully adjustable, three-stage, symmetrical preamp designed purely to extract the best performance from your moving coil cartridge and vinyl playback system.

With a completely redesigned chassis, the Aura is dedicated to moving coil cartridges and makes no compromises. We have avoided incorporating any type of superfluous function that could obstruct the signal path and degrade sound quality. The Aura phono preamp incorporates notable and innovative design ideas. If you are a big vinyl fan, you should try the Aura MC.

General conditions

Generator Source Resistance: 20Ω (Audio Precision Z Out)

Load set to 100 Ω and capacitance to 1000pF (Apheta and Aphelion)

Output load resistance: 100k Ω (Audio Precision Z In)

Input sensitivity for 200mV or unbalanced output

67 μV – 69.5 dB gain option I

131 μV – 63.5 dB gain option II

Gain input for unbalanced output

63.5 dB minimum

69.5 dB maximum

Input load: 50, 100, 150, 300 and 400 Ω

Capacitive load: 1000, 2000, 3200, 4300, 5700 pF

Input Overload @ 1 kHz:

9.6 mV – 63.5 dB as gain option

4.9 mV – 69.5 dB as gain option

Weighted output level

Unbalanced: 200mV

Balanced: 400 mV

Maximum output level

Unbalanced: 14.5V RMS

Balanced: 29V RMS

Balanced output connections

Balanced XLR connectors, pin 2 positive and pin 3 negative

The positive pin 2 connection of the balanced output is the same connection as the unbalanced output

output resistance

Unbalanced: 100 Ω

Balanced: 200 Ω

Absolute minimum output load resistance (for -3dB dropout @ 20Hz)

Unbalanced: 500 Ω

Balanced: 1000 Ω

RIAA Accuracy (better than): 0.2 dB 100 – 50,000 Hz

Frequency response: 13.5 Hz (-3dB) to 100 KHz (-0.2 dB)

THD (typical): 0.03% @ 1V 20-20,000 Hz (bandwidth 100 to 22,000 Hz)

Output noise level: (unbalanced, A-weighted output with 15 Ω input load):

-77 dB V (gain at 69.5 dB)

-82 dB V (gain at 63.5 dB)

Power: 230V & 115V nominal +/- 10%

Power consumption: 15.3W

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