'Q NO' you will stop listening to the new Sofia Coll

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'Q NO' you will stop listening to the new Sofia Coll

Sofia Coll has made the leap to the front line this year thanks to her participation in the third edition of Benidorm Fest. 'Here to Stay' passed the first semi-final and moved on to the final on February 1, where she finished in sixth place.

'Here to Stay' managed to reach the final of Benidorm Fest with a danceable and electronic sound and lyrics sung in Spanish, Catalan and English, as well as a striking staging. 'Here to Stay' was Sofia's bid to become a pop diva.

A bet that continues in his new single. 'Q NO' is Sofia Coll's first release after Benidorm Fest and follows the sound path of the previous one. It's a decidedly dance production with echoes of trance that sounds 100% designed for the dance floor. It's today's Song Of The Day.

'Q NO' talks about a fortuitous love (“we played at seeing each other secretly like two children in love”) to which Sofia Coll answers “no.” allnightproducer's production seeks catharsis, first, through a melodic bridge and, later, through an instrumental segment that throws vocal samples in the style of Beyoncé's 'Break My Soul'.

The sound of 'Q NO' is similar to that of 'Dreamer', Soraya's track-breaking album from 2010. By the way, Soraya will give Spain's 12 points in the next edition of the Eurovision Song Contest.

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