PUTOCHINOMARICÓN does not "make things worse" in 'I'm an idiot'

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PUTOCHINOMARICÓN does not “make things worse” in ‘I’m an idiot’

PUTOCHINOMARICÓN has just published the single ‘I’m an idiot’. It is the first preview of ‘Pasadas de moda’, her new album, and also the second chapter of that ambitious multi-album project that is ‘SMHD (Content Art)’. The first, ‘Afong (Bite the Master’s Hand)’, arrived a few months ago, reflecting on the dialogue between art and identity, among other things.

‘Out of fashion’ will be another work with a curious concept. It is the “imaginary” album of an invented artist called Dada, a nepo baby who “craves viral recognition.” It was already public that one of the cuts included in ‘Pasadas de moda’ is titled ‘Mom, I want to be viral’, but ‘I’m an idiot’ goes the other way.

‘I’m an idiot’, today’s Song of the Day, is “a confession, a self-aggression that works as a rebound effect of society’s aggressiveness.” Chenta Tsai transforms this rebound effect into a considerable blast of pop influenced by bloghouse, that umbrella term that could encompass the work of Justice or Cut Copy, two of the groups mentioned in the press release. ‘I’m an idiot’ brings back the dance-punk of the time, perhaps also sounding a little like Basemant Jaxx, combining great guitars and electro beats like we’ve rarely heard in Chenta’s repertoire.

‘I’m an idiot’ is a frontal attack not only on a sonic level, but also lyrically, in which Chenta Tsai confronts herself through a series of uncomfortable truths that she releases throughout the song. “Self-sabotage is my greatest skill”, “I’m afraid of being happy”, “I walk away from dreams and I push away who I love” are some of the lapidary statements that the song leaves.

‘I’m an idiot’ reflects on the “fear of loneliness, frustration and not getting what you want”, especially in “the world of success and ultra-filtered Instagrams”, in which all the fears it generates are extinguished. the existential void, based on images and pleasures that fill those gaps. Of course, ‘I’m an idiot’ does not so much invite you to “overthink”, but rather to burn your shoes.

PUTOCHINOMARICÓN will present ‘Pasadas de moda’ on November 3 at the Sala Cool in Madrid, with GFOTY as the opening act. Tickets are still available.

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