Proac launches the impressive K8 on the market

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Proac launches the impressive K8 on the market

The ProAc K6 model is one of our most successful designs and the plans to make the model
a little bigger, they have finally paid off.

The K8 uses an 8-inch woofer, larger than the K6 model, whose cone is made of woven, polished and concentrically coated Kevlar.

With the new wider chassis, the midrange speaker had to be redesigned. Stewart Tyler decided to make a very flat midrange speaker, out of aluminum. This offers excellent dispersion, widens the sound image and reveals details all the way to the brushed cymbal.

The ProAc ribbon tweeter is also used in most of ProAc’s high-end speakers. The tweeters are very natural and the subtlest details are produced even at very high volume comfortably.

The 8-inch Kevlar woofers are made in our factory and connect through the curved base of the speaker.

In our intensive listening we have noticed that the
It has a surprisingly wide imaging and soundstage, mainly due to our new flat speaker. Also new is the filter and a new circuit was designed for greater reading accuracy and only audiophile level components have been used along with studio quality inductors.

It has been designed for those who want to have one of the best speakers in terms of sound quality and construction. This new design has been produced with a very wide soundstage and a clean, extended bass response; Topped off with our ribbon tweeter, we’re sure you’ll agree with us that it sounds perfectly natural.


Nominal impedance – 4 ohms

Recommended amplification – 10 to 500W

Frequency response – 20 to 30,000 Hz

Sensitivity – 91.5dB linear at 1W at 1m

Woofer – 2x 8” with woven and polymer-impregnated Kevlar cones, with later lacquer and concentric weight.

Mids – 3” soft dome and our new aluminum dispersion cone

ProAc ribbon tweeter with alnico diaphragm “as light as human hair”

Crossover – high quality components on dedicated printed circuit board. ProAc oxygen-free copper cable for bi-wiring and optional bi-amping.

Measurements (H x W x D): 1230 x 240 x 450 mm

Weight: 70kg/unit

Mode: floor

Grille: acoustically transparent crimplene

Standard Finishes: Black Ash, Mahogany, Cherry, Maple

Top finishes: patterned maple, ebony

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