Pro-Ject X2 B Turntable

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Pro-Ject X2 B Turntable

He X2B It is the most recent model in the product range “True Balanced Connection” (“True Balanced Connection”) from Pro-Ject equipped with a balanced phono connectionwith what this entails in terms of background noise minimization and maximization signal-to-noise ratio, resolution and dynamic range. Let us remember that the use of balanced audio connections is common among audio professionals. recording studios or live concertsboth situations in which it is very important to have a stable and free connection of interference, since the signals handled, especially those from the microphones, will be highly amplified. The same applies to the connection between a turntable and a preamplifier or phono stage, the great advantage of a balanced connection being its ability to eliminate noise and interference picked up by the pickup cartridge.

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For explode to the maximum the possibilities of the brand’s “True Balanced” phono connection, it is necessary that our turntable is equipped with a moving coil (MC) cartridgewhich is why the X2 B is supplied as standard with a Ortofon MC Quintet Redand, of course, use a phono preamp compatible, such as the Phono Box S3B or the Phono Box DS3 B from the Austrian firm itself. In terms of engineering, the X2 B is a perfect compendium of the solutions that have made Pro-Ject the world number one in turntables. Thus, we first find a 9” reading arm with carbon and aluminum body that combines equal parts high rigidity and a high level of cushioning, while the ultra-low friction turning system that it incorporates guarantees precise and stable tracking of the groove of vinyl records.

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On the other hand, the high mass of this arm (which also incorporates a wide range of settings) makes it ideal for low and moderate compliance moving coil cartridges, while the use of a counterweight with TPE absorbent reduces the resonances of the arm-capsule assembly by no less than 50%. At a structural level, the X2 B is supported by a massive MDF chassis that drastically attenuates unwanted vibrations and is completed with four aluminum feet Adjustable in height that guarantee perfect leveling. For his part, the Traction motor It combines an extremely quiet design with a dedicated suspension and sophisticated electronic rotation speed control, in order to ensure the most precise and stable rotation possible. As for the plate, it is a high mass design made of methacrylate with a centered turning system around a stainless steel bearing. The Pro-Ject X2 B, which is hand built in Europeis completed with outputs equipped with Mini XLR and RCA connectors, while also supplied with a semi-balanced cable Connect it E of the firm itself.

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