Pro-Ject T2 Super Phono

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Pro-Ject T2 Super Phono

Showing once again its extraordinary creativity, Pro-Ject Audio Systems, world number one in turntables, has just launched a new turntable with an exceptional quality/price ratio with built-in phono stage: he T2 Super Phono. Integrated into the renowned T-Line from the Austrian manufacturer, this versatile vinyl reader noticeably improves the formula applied in the praised T1 model, by adding a series of genuinely audiophile features allowing you to set new standards of excellence in your price category.


With belt drive, includes a timbrally neutral glass dish 10 mm thick and a aluminum arm 9” (230 mm) one-piece, with generous adjustment possibilities, which comes standard with a Rainier moving magnet capsule from the prestigious Japanese firm Sumiko, as well as a speed control with automatic switching. The whole is supported by an elegant anti-resonant chassis built by high precision CNC machining completely free of plastic components and hollow spaces, in order to avoid the generation of vibrations potentially harmful to the sound and increase the stability of the assembly, to which the use of specially selected absorbent feet also contributes. For its part, both the engine and the drive system are identical to those of the aforementioned T1, combining with a “subplatter” of new invoice that rests on a shaft-bearing system extremely precise.

Pro-Ject T2 Super Phono

Regarding the fundamental rotation speed, it is based on the widely contrasted alternating current scheme Pro-Ject electronically regulated. The cherry on top of the T2 Super Phono is put by a new phono preamplifier passive two-stage compatible with moving magnet (MM) capsules imported from the T2 W model, in which a series of technical modifications in order to adapt it to the largest available space and improve its global benefits even more. Likewise, this stage can be deactivated in the event that the user wishes to use moving coil (MC) capsules. As is the norm at Pro-Ject, this new turntable is entirely handmade in Europe.

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