Pro-Ject Power Box DS3 and Power Box Phono S3 External Power Supplies

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Pro-Ject Power Box DS3 and Power Box Phono S3 External Power Supplies

Fundamental when it comes to maximize performance sound of all types of audiovisual products, the power supply has always had a critical importance for Pro-Ject in each and every one of the creations that make up its vast catalogue. In line with this philosophy, the veteran Austrian firm has just launched two new external power systems on the market that respond to the names Power Box DS3 Sources and Power Box Phono S3 and whose association with components allows it to substantially improve its musicality. Housed in an all-metal enclosure and designed to supply extremely clean power to up to six compatible products (five sources+preamps and one turntable), the Power Box DS3 is a linear power subsystem equipped with a generous toroidal transformer and highly sophisticated filtering circuitry totaling 10,000 uF.

project power box ds3

To this we must add a Start System smooth and voltage rectification with very precise regulation, as well as the use of low noise device elements protected against downloads, the result being an impressive improvement in the final sound with the plus of a more orderly management of the equipment’s wiring. For its part, the Power Box Phono S3 is a very efficient and flexible electronics of ultra-compact dimensions that has been specifically designed for turntables with 15 V power (except the RPM5 and higher models, the X2 and higher models and the Signature 10/12) and phono preamplifiers with 18 V power.

project power box s3

In line with the purist philosophy of the Central European brand, this power supply consists of two completely separate blocks which make it feasible, for example, to simultaneously connect a turntable and a matching phono preamp, providing elaborate direct current filtering that will drastically improve the sound quality. The Power Box Phono S3 should also be noted for its exceptionally low background noise and the use of a linear voltage regulation scheme and capacitors low ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance), to which is added an entirely metallic construction that protects the assembly against external interference. As is the norm with all Pro-Ject signed products, both the Power Box DS3 Sources and the Power Box S3 are fully designed and built in Europe.

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