Premiere: TRISTAN and Rusowsky, sad but stylish, in 'CELL'

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Premiere: TRISTAN and Rusowsky, sad but stylish, in ‘CELL’

Russia IDK is the nest of a series of artists who are shaping a new way of understanding pop, each in their own way, but sharing codes. In fact, in some cases, sharing a house: Ralphie Choo and Rusowski live together, as Ralphie told us last year in an interview.

It is not surprising that the artists who are part of Russia IDK’s roster collaborate with each other all the time, indifferently, in the manner of a collective. Rusowski and TRISTAN had already collaborated, signing one of the best songs to come out of Russia IDK, the adorable ‘GOOFY’. Now they join forces again in a song that we have the pleasure of premiering on JENESAISPOP.

‘CELL’ finds Ruslán Mediavilla Solovieva and Tristán Rodríguez in a deeply melancholic state, questioning the love of a person. “He keeps me glued to the cell phone all day, he tells me that he loves me, but I don’t know anymore” is the phrase that is repeated in the song like a mantra, while just the strumming of an acoustic guitar accompanies them.

TRISTAN and Rusowsky are “heartbroken, but without losing style” in the video clip for ‘CELL’. Created by FOMOTRAUMA, the creative project of mori and TRISTAN! himself, the video finds the two sad protagonists inside their new pink limousine, existing as if in slow motion, and disappearing into the darkness of the night.

‘CELL’ is a preview of TRISTÁN’s next EP, ‘Music EP, in which the producer brings together a series of songs “apparently different from each other, but that represent 360 of what I am with respect to my music.” Roy Borland has co-produced and mixed the project, which can be heard in full from February 29.

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