Premiere: Triángulo takes a tour of 'The Night Highway'

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Premiere: Triángulo takes a tour of ‘The Night Highway’

Triángulo de Amor Bizarro have released this year a notable album called ‘SED’ in which they have continued to pamper their most noise and most ‘Twin Peaks’ influences. Both worlds came together in ‘The Road’, a song that the group is now re-releasing in a 7″ that includes a new, even more powerful version, and a remix produced by VVV Trippin’ You.

The new version delves even deeper into the darkness and, receiving the name ‘The Night Road’, builds an authentic cathedral of noise-rock and shoegaze as only Triángulo knows how. Talking about a hunted hunter, deer, or snakes “frying in the sun”, it is today’s Song Of The Day.

Triángulo accompany the launch of ‘The Night Road’ with a new video clip that we premiere on JENESAISPOP. “I have always felt the roads, the kilometers of asphalt, as a symbol of freedom,” says director Toño Chouza. ‘The Night Road’ conveys that and much more. He tells me that a road movie is not only experienced by the protagonist who travels, but is full of characters considered secondary, but who are very important: the atmosphere, the animals, the lights, the emotions and the energy of the places.

The director explains: «For this work, TAB and I started from the concept of freedom, but not freedom in the sense of “blank sheet and do what you want”, but I asked myself the question of how I could feel free filming… and that led me to think about my beginnings in the 2000s: the MiniDv. Only a light camera and me as a film crew. It is a way from which I can approach what was called at the time “Direct Cinema”, seeking a desire for realism, without repeating a single shot, not a single action and giving a lot of power to the editing. There is no script, but there are certain ingredients that we imposed on ourselves: the road movie cannot take us away from Boiro, from our surroundings, because quite intense micro-journeys are also created here. The truth is that it has been a pleasure to eat some sardines cooked by TAB and to be able to film the process. “The gliders are another prop of our estuary.”

Rodrigo Caamaño shares a few words about ‘The Night Highway’ appealing to its lyrics. «YOU ARE THE DEER: The Night Road is the true harmonic of its twin song on the album. It’s a dark, blind, super-doped reflection without the chains of SED. It is going at full speed down the road without seeing anything ahead, the search for change as an end in itself.

THE ANIMALS SING: This misplaced song of their flock, which spins in an endless spiral, takes you to the sharp curves without visibility, to the fog banks, to the broken rhythms at full volume of illegal parties, to the flashes of light and the brutal volume of burst speakers from old discotheque ruins. It takes you to the rust and gasoline of the scrapyards, perhaps also to a world without remedy?


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