Premiere: BRAVA opens 'La Panadería' in its crazy IRL session

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Premiere: BRAVA opens ‘La Panadería’ in its crazy IRL session

BRAVA is the project of Sara Delgado, a DJ from San Sebastian who you have probably seen throwing a good party at some of the country’s notable festivals. ‘HOLA HOLA’ or ‘TXORIA TXORI’ are among the most listened to singles of this artist who also gives the caps button to her sound and performances.

An artist like BRAVA lives up to her name and it is clear again in her new project. This time, Sara Delgado teams up with IRL, the live session of the record company and collective VLEX that seeks to offer a different vision of the most cutting-edge artists on the national scene, preparing with them original staging that suits their proposals.

BRAVA uses the alias “unta la salsa” on Instagram, so her connection to gastronomy has always been there. And now even more so because her new single, produced with DJ YAKUZA, is called ‘La Panadería’ and talks about eating, spreading, dipping. You can already imagine where things are going.

In her IRL session, Sara Delgado presents ‘La Panadería’ while preparing sandwiches dipped in ketchup and eating them. In the video, produced by HYPERHOUSE under the direction of TURIAN BOY, BRAVA changes the mixing console for a kitchen and, surrounded by vegetables and two towers of slices of bread, sings with an ear microphone in front of a curtain made of More bread slices that create a giant slice that draws your face. It’s like the craziest Ted Talk you can imagine.

Bringing together influences from rave electronics and eighties hip-hop, brought to our time through extreme autotune, ‘La Panadería’ arrives loaded with double meanings (“it has the loaf hard as country bread”, “it like natural mushrooms”) or not so double (“so you can spread it with love”, “so you can dip it in my dressing”). This production does not exactly sound “tender, like bimbo bread”, but quite hard (like the town bar), which promises to lift future BRAVA sessions even more.

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