P!nk confesses what she thinks is her worst single

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P!nk confesses what she thinks is her worst single

P!nk has given an interview to the Los Angeles Times in the middle of her tour of the United States, in which she has spoken about Tina Turner, the Jann Wenner controversy or the great tours that Beyoncé or Taylor Swift have offered or are offering this year . “They are super powerful women,” he said. «I’m very excited that we are all doing this. Before it was just guys, Aerosmith, Coldplay, Rolling Stones. “Now we are all women.”

P!nk has also spoken about the possibility that she may end up offering a concert residency in Las Vegas. He doesn’t rule it out, but says it’s not time yet: “When I do Las Vegas it will be the best Las Vegas show anyone has ever seen, but my kids are still young and they accompany me on the road. “Las Vegas is something I can do when they don’t want to come with me anymore.”

But the most curious statements of the interview occur later. The Los Angeles Times asks P!nk which songs she thinks are her best, and which she considers her worst. P!nk doesn’t beat around the bush and only cites songs from her repertoire that have been singles. Among the best he mentions ‘So What’ (2008) and ‘Get the Party Started’ (2001), obviously two of his most successful singles.

And P!nk’s worst song, according to P!nk herself, is another single: ‘True Love’ (2012). And he gives a reason: «It’s cruel. Carey (last name Hart, husband of the artist) has strong skin, but I owe him a love song. Then she remembers another song that he considers even worse, ‘We’ve Got Scurvy’ (2001), from the ‘SpongeBob SquarePants’ soundtrack. He says he “wishes I’d never recorded it, it was a mistake.”

Curiously, P!nk’s condemnation of ‘True Love’ produces collateral damage, as the song was a collaboration with Lily Allen. The author of ‘Smile’ has not commented on P!nk’s words at the moment. ‘True Love’ was one of the biggest hits of ‘The Truth About Love’, a song that today is approaching 200 million streaming views on Spotify alone.

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