Pipiolas and Ginebras count together 'All the hours'

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Pipiolas and Ginebras count together ‘All the hours’

Pipiolas, one of the revelation groups that emerged from the Elefant label, is finalizing the release of its first album, ‘No hay un Dios’, which comes out this Friday. In the past, Pipiolas has delivered hymns such as ‘Narciso’ or ‘San Peter’, and his debut will still accommodate other beloved songs from his repertoire such as ‘Baby’, ‘Romancero propio’, ‘No soy un XoXo’ or ‘ Pogo at home’.

Today the duo of Adriana and Paula release the last of the singles taken from the album, and a particularly notable one, in which they join forces with Ginebras. Collaborating on ‘All the Hours’, Pipiolas and Ginebras deliver the Song of the Day today.

“If you don’t love me, I’m not going to yell ‘fuck you’,” followed by a shout of “fuck you,” is one of the good moments from ‘Todas las Horas’, a song in which Pipiolas and Ginebras, with epic melodies and distorted guitars, they await the arrival of a great love, while they learn to spend time in a different way, to measure the hours “in a very different way, than when you look at me and stop doing it.”

In this Brit-pop song, in which the harmonized voices of both bands complement each other perfectly, Pipiolas advocate having a good time. To express this message, Adriana and Paula do not hesitate to use a (meta) reference to their friend band, when they sing that, while that great love arrives, “I drink gin for the health of the one who loves me.”

The message of ‘All the Hours’ takes on a second reading in the song’s video clip, in which we see the protagonist in the pool, feeling the passing of the hours, in the middle of a game of glances with a lifeguard who can’t quite decide. whether to pay attention to it. Pipiolas and Ginebras are witnesses of that wait, enjoying the company of some friends. The video clip is directed by Andrea Casaseca, nominated for the Goya for Best Short Film in 2015 with ‘Sinceridad’.

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