Pioneer Master 1, a new reference in headphones.

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Pioneer Master 1, a new reference in headphones.

Pioneer presents at the fair HIGH END 2015 the MASTER 1 model, a new reference dynamic headphone. The flagship brings together a series of innovations and is not only recommended for demanding audiophiles, but also as a monitor for recording, mixing and mastering in a professional studio.

Pioneer MASTER 1 flagship brings together technological advances and visionary innovations

Pioneer & Onkyo Europe GmbH, Willich, announces the MASTER 1 reference headphone within the framework of HIGH END, the leading trade fair for high-end consumer electronics. The innovative and renowned Japanese hi-fi brand has used its extensive experience with audiophile components to develop and manufacture a revolutionary headphone. The MASTER 1’s overwhelming sound quality is the result of more than five years of the most intensive research work by leading manufacturer Pioneer.

“Takumi”, the Japanese word for “master”, perfectly describes the feeling we associate with the completion of the MASTER 1. To say that we are proud to present this absolutely outstanding headset would be a real understatement,” says Jürgen Timm, press officer. and product director at Pioneer & Onkyo Europe, Willich. “The objective of the development of this unique headphone was clearly to provide the listener with a musical experience not achieved until now. That is why we have concentrated on the purity of design and sound. In each step of the long journey from development, through production to quality control, we employ all our know-how – and that is why this headphone delivers music in its purest state.”

Selected components and innovative speaker technology

The MASTER 1 is manufactured in very small series with carefully selected materials and with great love for detail. Super-technological materials such as Super-Duraluminum and aluminum are combined in a unique way with a very soft material reminiscent of leather, in those places that touch the skin. And of course, this ergonomic headset is actually very comfortable to wear. Each of the headphones is hand-assembled by a single worker at the Pioneer Tohoku Tendo factory in Japan and each has its own serial number engraved. The manufacturing of a single model requires more than 100 different work processes.

The technological heart of the MASTER 1 is its all-new 50mm driver with a 25µmm aluminum membrane coated with PCC (Parker Ceramic Coating). PPC is a special surface treatment that considerably increases the performance of the aluminum membrane, which brings great benefits mainly in the treble. The MASTER 1 is the world’s first headset to use PCC coating. In addition, the PEEK (Polyether ether ketone) connecting material helps reduce distortions and achieves a very balanced sound that is incredibly close to musical reality. The powerful magnets also promote this linear characteristic of the sound. With an upper limit frequency of an astonishing 85,000 Hz, this exceptional headset has more than met the minimum requirements for a high-resolution headset (40,000 Hz).

The 3.5mm thick aluminum chassis reduces driver resonances. A precise image with a defined and full bass and clean mids and highs is the result. This is also achieved with basket construction. The mechanical connections are cushioned with rubber to avoid vibrations and interference. This floating construction also improves channel separation and allows for an unrivaled wide soundstage.

The MASTER 1 not only transmits the music, but also provides the acoustic accents of the recording location and makes the recordings become reality. Therefore, the MASTER 1 is not only advisable for demanding audiophile listeners, but also as a monitor during recording, arranging and mastering in a professional studio.

One of the most renowned recording studios in the world – AIR Studios in London – has influenced the tuning of the MASTER 1 and has tested it thoroughly. Result: the MASTER 1 is the first “AIR Studios benchmark” headphone – an incredible honor that Pioneer can honor with great pride.

Incredible comfort

As the first headset in the range, the MASTER 1 has a side adjustment loop, which allows you to adjust the desired tension of the headband. A variation of this clip is enough to achieve greater or lesser pressure, as well as better sound insulation and greater comfort for hours.

The MASTER 1’s ample head padding has 14 positions to ensure maximum comfort and secure support. These three-dimensional, in-house developed two-density memory foam padding adapts optimally to the contours. The comfortable earmuffs are lined with a white material, comparable to leather. The Super-Duralumin headband and loops adopt a light, natural shape that allows the user to fully immerse themselves in the music.

This headset is supplied with a robust cable that does not tangle easily and can be changed thanks to its MMCV connector. Its textile cover prevents tangles and prolongs the life of the cable. The JCA-XLR30M symmetrical XLR cable can be purchased as an accessory and is especially suitable for use with a headphone preamp such as the Pioneer U-05. The XLR cable features gold-plated Neutrik XLR connectors and the cable is 3m long.


The Pioneer MASTER 1 reference headphone (€2,499) and the optional JCA-XLR30M XLR cable (€329).

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