Pedro Sánchez returns to campaign for Taylor Swift

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Pedro Sánchez returns to campaign for Taylor Swift

Pedro Sánchez is coming into his own in the final week of the campaign for the European Elections. After the success of the PSC in the Catalan elections, and the approval of the amnesty in Congress, the polls are reducing the margin between the PP and the PSOE. Feijóo's strategy is to focus on the alleged corruption of the president's wife, and on the Koldo case, and some are questioning it, because it is similar to VOX's strategy (even approaching Meloni), only that Abascal is becoming more media-friendly for his controversial photos with Milei and Netanyahu.

At a rally this Friday in Murcia, Sánchez focused on the economy and left a headline that has made headlines in the general press, both in ABC and in El Periódico de España: «Is Spain sinking? But if we are growing more than the average, we are creating more jobs than ever in our country. Spain is the Taylor Swift of European economies.

At another rally he had already said: “They have been saying 'Spain is breaking' for 6 years.” But Salvador Illa has won the elections in Catalonia. “Is Spain sinking?” But if Spain grows like the career of this artist that we have these days in Spain, Taylor Swift, she is unstoppable. Well, the same goes for the Spanish economy. “In a complex geopolitical context like the one we are experiencing.”

The president thus alludes to the good functioning of the economy and employment that has led the country to be the 4th fastest growing in Europe, after Portugal, Lithuania and Latvia, and therefore the fastest growing among large economies. In addition, Spain has added 21 million employees for the first time.

Speaking of Taylor Swift, and fans, Pedro Sánchez alluded at the same rally in Murcia to around twenty people who follow him to boo him wherever he goes. “Thanks to my fans, what would you do without me?” he joked.

On the other hand, the general secretary of the PSOE has once again shared a Taylor Swift song on his Instagram wall, specifically 'The Lucky One'. It's not the first time she's used her music on her Instagram. Furthermore, in the interview with La Pija and La Kinki, in which she spoke almost exclusively about music, he claimed to have seen the documentary 'Miss Americana'. Probably due to the influence of his daughters, which led Sánchez himself to describe Carlos Peguer as “a swiftie”, thus in feminine terms.

We must remember, in case you read this in a few years, that Sánchez's statements come a day after Taylor Swift has taken Madrid by storm, drawing 130,000 people to two consecutive concerts. We will see if this time the strategy like on 23-J works for him, since youth unemployment, which affects precisely the Swiftie generation, is one of the issues to be resolved by his government, as his Sumar partners often remind him.

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