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Pedro Sánchez defends ‘Zorra’, which rises to 8 on Spotify Spain

In January ‘Zorra’ by Nebulossa had already emerged, becoming the most listened to song of all the Benidorm Fest proposals, a success that continued until a few days before the contest took place. Little by little, the success of ‘Zorra’ has been consolidated until it has led Nebulossa to victory.

Lately, ‘Zorra’ had scored the same, entering for the first time within the top 100 most listened to songs in Spain on Spotify, in position 84, on the last day it had risen to position 70 and, after winning the Benidorm Fest, It has a tremendous rise to number 8 with 350,511 listens.

‘Zorra’ is the only entry from Benidorm Fest in the top 50 updated today, but it is not the only song from Benidorm Fest that appears today among the top 200 of Spotify Spain: Almácor enters at 141 with ‘Brillos Platino’ and Marlena at 148 with ‘Summer Love’.

‘Zorra’ also wins compared to the other two winning songs from Benidorm Fest. After their respective victories, ‘SloMo’ by Chanel rose to number 17 and ‘EAEA’ by Blanca Paloma debuted at number 76. ‘Nochentera’ did not win, but rose to number 32 on Spotify Spain after the gala and a week later to number 25. helped by its presence in the two most followed Spanish playlists, Éxitos España and Pop con Ñ, where ‘Zorra’ does not appear. Therefore, the merit for Nebulossa is greater.

‘Zorra’ is of course one of the topics of the week, so much so that, in Al Rojo Vivo, Pedro Sánchez has been asked about it. Although he has dodged the bullet of clearly answering whether he likes the song or not, Sánchez has defended the song and has valued the agitating power of culture: «Feminism is not only fair but it is also fun and these types of provocations “They necessarily have to come from culture.” Next, Sánchez left one of the headlines of the day: “I understand that the fachosphere would have liked to have Cara al sol, but I like this type of songs better.”

The next step for ‘Zorra’ is to enter the Spanish singles chart, Promusicae. The list is updated today, Monday, from January 26 to February 1. ‘Zorra’ entered Spotify Spain’s top 100 on February 1, so it is likely that it will make its debut on the list today. It will not be until next Monday the 12th when the results of the Benidorm Fest will be reflected in the table: the top 10 for ‘Zorra’ seems assured. The number 1 of ‘SloMo’ and ‘Ay Mamá’ will only be determined by time, but the success of ‘Zorra’, like that of ‘Nochentera’, could be the success of longevity: see you at Eurovision, at Pride and beyond .

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