Paula Koops' new single is fun and 'silly'

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Paula Koops’ new single is fun and ‘silly’

Paula Koops is one of those artists who are returning the sound of pop-punk to today’s music. Before Aitana opted for house, before Sonido Muchacho signed Pignoise, Paula Koops was already a champion of this style thanks to several of her hits, such as ‘Línea 7’, in which she quoted C. Tangana sounding like Avril Lavigne, or her EP ‘Girlfriend of the Year’.

Avril Lavigne, one of the most influential artists for an entire generation, once again inspires – or so it seems – Paula Koops’ new single. Because ‘bobo’ is very reminiscent of ‘Girlfriend’, a song that was already quite “bobo” in its turn. In a good way.

Adding to the tradition of pop songs inspired by cheerleading culture, ‘bobo’ remembers that ‘Girlfriend’ came from afar, as it was a song openly inspired by the famous ‘Hey Mickey’ by Toni Basil… a recent song sampled in ‘Speed ​​Drive’ by Charli XCX, another artist we’ve already seen having fun in high school.

With a base that mixes the cheerleader claps of ‘Girlfriend’ with the sound of drums and guitars typical of pop-punk, Koops delivers, in ‘bobo’, a breakup song, dedicated to that person who has not known how to pick up the signals . She takes it with humor: “With the b, with the o, you’re stupid, what should I do?” Paula sings in the casual chorus.

Koops, who was an entertainer during her time studying in England, draws inspiration from her own life in the video clip for ‘bobo’, a tribute to American high schools. This is what Koops says about her new single: “I am very happy that Bobo finally sees the light, I have been wanting to tell this story for a long time and above all that through the entire concept people can get to know me better and see what I experienced during those years. Being a cheerleader was very exciting, but above all I felt very empowered being surrounded by confident women who always put themselves first. It’s everything we want to convey with bobo.”

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