Patrick Criado burns for love in the new Merina Gris

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Patrick Criado burns for love in the new Merina Gris

Patrick Criado, actor known for his roles in ‘La casa de papel’, ‘Antidisturbios’ or ‘Águila Roja’, and Aitana Batres, actress of ‘Tú no estares especial’, star in the new video clip by the San Sebastian band Merina Gris, a visual work produced by Cosmic Tree (Amaia, Natalia Lacunza, Belén Aguilera) that you can see for the first time today through JENESAISPOP.

The magnificent video for ‘lilili’ tells the story of a love relationship so passionate that it turns to ashes. The two protagonists fly too close to the sun and end up getting burned. It is the story “of a bond that is broken, that is lost between snow and fire.” The transition from passion to coldness is beautifully represented in scenes and locations.

‘lilili’ is an explosive electronic pop production by Merina Gris, the trio formed by Sara, Julen and Paska, which is committed to mutation and different tempo changes, going from Bladee-style cloud rap to different club rhythms. In Spanish and Basque, ‘lilili’ narrates a relationship mired in confusion (“you tell me you love me, you tell me to leave”) and contradictions: “so beautiful and so violent, like everything I feel” is the rhyme that manages to make itself heard after the storm.

The curious title of ‘lilili’ “appeals to the emotional”, specifically, “it is what someone who loves you tells you, it is what you say to someone you love when you don’t know what to say; It is a code that only two people understand; It is an honest and strange way of asking for forgiveness. The theme “speaks of loss, of the sad and the beautiful, of missing, of pain, of nostalgia, of regret, of the most bitter acceptance, of the dead end and the cold that sneaks through the hole that opens in a duel. “To move forward in a world that you didn’t think was so hostile.”

With ‘lilili’, Merina Gris continues to advance her next musical project, which began with the release of the single ‘Nobody when I cry’, a collaboration with the rapper HOFE, later remixed by GAZZI, a great promise of state electronic music.

Emerged in 2020, Merina Gris is already the author of a long album, ‘Zerua Orain’, published in 2022, a work produced by Ed is Dead that contains a collaboration with Cris de Belako. In 2024, Merina Gris will perform at festivals such as Primavera Sound and Mad Cool Festival. More dates will be announced soon.

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