Parquesvr le cantan a la cara oscura de la capital “Que arda Madriz”

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Parquesvr sings to the dark side of the capital “Let Madriz burn”

“Que arda Madriz” is the new preview of “If I bother you, you leave”the third album by some Parksvr who become more political and warriors than ever.

With enough political bile but also necessary electricity, the Madrid indie group Parksvr They launch an authentic Molotov sound cocktail that swings between alternative rock, indie and synth punk in “Que arda Madriz”, a new preview of what will be his new album, “If I bother you, leave”which will present at the Ochoymedio in Madrid on Friday, November 15.

A song that serves as a new preview of his third studio album, after presenting “Alfredo's”, “El Faro de Occident” and “Your name is a door to close”, but that also serves as a sociopolitical reflection full of sarcasm and without hair in the tongue. In “Que arda Madriz” you also breathe the spirit of an anthem and manifesto of the socio-political commitment to which the state punk and rock culture was once associated, which is currently in a moment of rampant reformulation and depoliticization.

We can listen to the band live on June 6 in Palencia (Palencia Sonora), on July 20 in Barco de Valdeorras (Silfest), on July 26 in Benidorm (Low Festival) and the official presentation of the new work on November 15 in Madrid (Ochoymedio).

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