“Papercuts”, la esperada recopilación de singles de Linkin Park

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“Papercuts”, the long-awaited Linkin Park singles compilation

The Americans Linkin Park releases today the first compilation album of his career, “Papercuts (Singles collection 2000-2023)”which contains all the generational anthems that have made Linkin Park one of the great rock groups of the 21st century and also includes an unreleased song and a rarity. The album is now available in digital format, CD, cassette and in three different vinyl editions.

To celebrate the release of the album, the American group has shared the visualizer of one of the two bonus songs. “QWERTY” is a rarity highly sought after by fans, recorded around the time of “Minutes To Midnight” (07).

Linkin Park They announced the album's release in February, when they released the unreleased song “Friendly Fire.” This is a song that was recorded during the sessions of “One More Light” (17), sung by the ill-fated Chester Bennington. This song captures the classic style, soul and spirit of Linkin Park. The video was directed by the group's regular collaborator Mark Fiore. The song has twenty million streams to date and seven million views on YouTube.

After the great reception that the recent reissues of “Hybrid Theory” (twenty) and “Meteora” (23), Linkin Park They were inspired by the enthusiasm of their fans to cover their entire career in a single album. “Papercuts” It contains eighteen hit singles published between 2000 and 2023 and includes anthems such as “In The End”, “Numb”, “What I've Done”, “Faint” or “Crawling”, in addition to his latest hit, the song unreleased “Lost”, rescued from the sessions of “Meteor” (03) and included in the reissue of said album published last year.

“In the creation of each album Linkin Park, I want to love and believe in every song completely. I hope that if a song is heard on its own in the world, it is something I am proud of and that it takes root in the listener and becomes part of the energy that connects us. It was a pleasure to select the songs from 'Papercuts'. Each track in this collection is both a singular moment in our timeline and an evolving story that is both ours and yours,” explains Mike Shinoda.

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