Papa Topo premieres 'Tell me lies' and announces a new album

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Papa Topo premieres ‘Tell me lies’ and announces a new album

Papa Mole returns after his sublime cameo in ‘The Messiah’. ‘Summer Storm’, his new album, will be released in 2024, confirms Elefant Records. The first preview, ‘Tell me lies’, is one of the new releases you can listen to today on the “Ready for the Weekend” playlist.

‘Tell me lies’ is one of Papa Topo’s productions that are most decisively influenced by today’s sounds. The classic melodic pop that has so marked the path of Adrià Arbona Oreno’s band is still there. However, now some very PC Music arpeggios burst in. It’s as if Papa Mole has assumed that SOPHIE also fits into his universe.

From this palette of sounds, Papa Topo delivers a newly heartfelt and exciting song that reflects on “loneliness in the contemporary world.” And he does it with complete sincerity, but also with a lot of (un)voluntary humor. Because his portrait of loneliness is so pathetic, in a life without friends, “sad and boring” given over “to vice,” as some of his rhymes are striking.

Describing the sadness of his daily life, Adrià remembers himself “crying and drinking gazpacho, trotting on top of some male” or “in a motel on all fours, listening to the noise of the rats.” Fleeing from the unpleasantness of life, Papa Topo takes refuge in the “fantasy” of music, which his bandmates Óscar Huerta Plaza, Julia Fandos Berenguer and Sonia Montoya Barberà also create around another of his great melodies. .

Going deeper into ‘Tell me lies’, Papa Topo explains: “The song expresses the boredom and sadness of feeling isolated among the crowd and the need to escape, to lie to oneself, to fantasize about deep emotional ties. This is what the capitalist system leads us to, the obsession with accumulating lovers, with accumulating objects, with accumulating goods. And in the music industry there is also a strong pressure for numbers: immersed in an inexhaustible whirlwind of single and album releases, groups are eager to generate viral publications that generate millions of streams. “Sometimes it seems more important to stay in the limelight than to reflect on the music you want to create.”

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