Papa Topo and the farewell of Grises, at Christmas by Vibra Mahou

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Papa Topo and the farewell of Grises, at Christmas by Vibra Mahou

Vibra Mahou’s Madrid Stages series will continue to leave pop, rock, jazz, blues and soul concerts in the city over the coming weeks.

Among this fortnight’s events we highlight two: on Saturday, December 16, Papa Topo will be performing at Café La Palma. The group is in the news for their stellar appearance in ‘La Mesías’, adapting their old hit ‘Sangre en los Zapatos’ to the religious canons of the series. And also for having previewed his new album with a song called ‘Tell me lies’ that has especially resonated with our audience. Advance entry for 12 euros is available here.

The Saxos del Averno will also perform on December 16, and next week it will be Grises’ turn. The group is saying goodbye with a tour and their visit to Madrid will be on the 22nd at Independance Club. Tickets for this show are also available on WeGow for 12 euros.

The group explained their farewell at the end of 2022 like this: «Everything comes to an end and the end of Grises has arrived. It has been twenty years playing together, eleven since the release of our first album “El hombre papel.” Twenty incredible years of our lives: six albums and hundreds of concerts on several continents, a million experiences and thousands of dreams fulfilled thanks to Grises. We have met many people and we have lived unforgettable experiences together. It has been brutal!

Grises appeared on our list of the best songs of 2018 with ‘Insect Food’. With her and her hit ‘Animal’ we leave you.

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