Paola & Chiara make good synth-pop in 'Solo Mai'

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Paola & Chiara make good synth-pop in ‘Solo Mai’

Among the songs released in the last days of 2023 that are worth rescuing in these first days of 2024 is ‘Solo Mai’ by Poala & Chiara.

The Italians Paola & Chiara, well known two decades ago for hits like ‘Viva el amor’, ‘Festival’ or, above all, ‘Let’s dance’, returned in 2023 after 13 years with ‘Furore’, a song with which They participated in the Sanremo Festival. Throughout 2023, Paola & Chiara released another single, ‘Mare Caos’, and two collaborations with Boombadabash (‘Lambada’) and Tiziano Ferro (a remix of ‘Vamos a baile’).

Poala & Chiara’s new single gives itself completely to the synth-pop sound that has taken The Weeknd to the top of the world. ‘Drive’ -one of Abel Tesfaye’s biggest influences- is another of the references that ‘Solo Mai’ evokes, as well as of course Giorgio Moroder in the type of synthesizers used under the production of Stefan Storm. Melodically, ‘Solo Mai’ is another of those powerful Paola & Chiara compositions, and perhaps nothing more needs to be said.

‘Solo Mai’ is the “hymn of universal love” by Paola & Chiara, according to themselves. The lyrics dream of “a tomorrow where we will all be equal,” especially in a world “that hides every imperfection.” ‘Solo Mai’ promises the listener that “you will never be alone” and, turning your back on “abuse and cruelty”, imagines a new world in which “we will no longer need a god”, only loving ourselves.

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