Pangaea grows with the track-breaker 'Installation'

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Pangaea grows with the track-breaker ‘Installation’

Pangaea is the alias of Kevin McAuley, a producer from England who has been active for more than a decade. McAuley runs the Hessle Audio record label alongside Ben UFO and Pearson Sound. Hessle Audio is the label on which James Blake published his first releases, and which has just released a new solo EP by Olof Dreijer, half of The Knife.

Since 2010, Pangea has been releasing music slowly but surely. In 2012 he released his first EP, ‘Release’, and in 2016 he released his first full-length, ‘In Drum Play’. And, just a few weeks ago, it has been possible to listen to his new work, ‘Changing Channels’.

Experienced in festivals, where he has played UK garage or Happy hardcore rhythms, Pangaea has published an album in which his different influences come together. ‘Changing Channels’ brings flashes of house, drum n’ bass, eurodance or trance, among other sounds. In the long run, Pangaea develops a pampered and elaborate sound, full of details and color like its cover.

Among the great attractions of ‘Changing Channels’ is the single ‘Installation’, a song that has the potential to break tracks around the world. It’s today’s Song Of The Day.

‘Installation’ is the danceable track that opens the Pangaea album. Based on an unstoppable house rhythm, ‘Installation’ becomes a blast thanks to the punchy vocals that sound shot throughout the song. Beneath it, a dull drone on one side, and a colorful synth line on the other, add dimension to this fun recording.

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