Sofía Vergara hits Pablo Motos in El Hormiguero

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Pablo Motos says that his beef with Sofia Vergara was agreed

Sofia Vergara arrived at the set of El Hormiguero handing out hosts to Pablo Motos for his apparent lack of respect towards the actress. The moment in which Motos “mocked” Vergara’s English with her small mouth, after she pronounced – well, not wrong – the title of ‘Modern Family’, even achieved international repercussion, with media such as PageSix echoing the scene or DailyMail.

However, the friction between Motos and Vergara was agreed upon. At least, according to Pablo Motos. That’s how I know it has explained the presenter to his last guest, Antonio Resines: “Sofía Vergara is coming, we connected very well and then I told her that I saw an interview of hers with Kevin Hart on a podcast, where she wouldn’t let him walk and he was hesitating all the time and he was hesitating her” . Motos explains that she asked Vergara “if we could pretend we were old friends, and you hesitate and I hesitate,” and that the actress accepted.

Therefore, Pablo Motos is especially proud of his interview with Vergara, contrary to what it might seem. “We made a hell of a program” were his words. «We had a great time, you just have to watch the program. The audience laughed and, the next day, we had five million viewers. “So far, what I can say,” he concluded.

When Resines points out that “everyone thought that (Sofia Vergara) was hesitating because you were bothering her,” the presenter responds: “Well, I am very sorry to all the people that I have bothered for something that never happened.”

Motos’ words do not explain, at the moment, why the videos that reproduced the alleged fight between Motos and Vergara kept disappearing from the social network X, formerly Twitter.

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