Ortofon MC Century 100 Anniversary.

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Ortofon MC Century 100 Anniversary.

Created to celebrate the first 100 years of Ortofon’s life in style, the very exclusive – only 100 units for everyone – MC Century constitutes the maximum expression of what the current state of technology allows us to do in terms of pickup capsules without commitment. Thus, both the casing and the body, completely made of titanium, have been manufactured with the sophisticated SLM (Selective Laser Melting) technique, previously used by Ortofon in other of its emblematic models, but perfected in this case. to achieve machining of unprecedented precision. Additionally, an iron-cobalt alloy has been applied to some parts of the magnetic motor, while the use of an elaborate damping system in the armature allows unwanted resonances to be completely eliminated. Another key element of the MC Century is Ortofon’s exclusive Nude Replicant 100 diamond tip, a true piece of thin and light jewel that combines an extraordinarily generous contact surface with unparalleled precision in groove tracking. On the other hand, the crystalline structure and exceptional hardness of the new diamond cantilever ensures the best possible “connection” between the needle and the armature. Combined, the Nude Replicant 100 stylus and diamond cantilever deliver extremely agile and transparent sound reproduction.

Technical characteristics

• Absolute reference moving coil (MC) capsule.
• Limited edition of 100 units for everyone.
• Made entirely of titanium with the exclusive SLM technique.
• Use of special thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) to minimize resonances.
• Nude Replicant 100 diamond tip exclusive to Ortofon.
• Custom made diamond cantilever.
• Output voltage of 0.2 mV at 1 kHz and 5 cm/s.
• Frequency response of 20-20,000 Hz, +/-1.5 dB.
• Recommended Load Impedance: MC/>10 ohms.
• Dynamic Compliance: 9 um/mN.
• Recommended Support Force: 2.3 g.
• Compatible with a wide range of reading arms.
• Weight: 15 g.

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