Ortiga reivindica las fiestas populares con “A Nosa Verbena”

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Ortiga vindicates the popular festivals with “A Nosa Verbena”

The Santiago musician Nettle has released “A Nosa Verbena”, a song that puts music to the initiative promoted by Galicia Star to support and preserve Galician festivals.

With this simple, Nettle It describes a day in which all Galicians live in a loop during the summer in the town festivals. Of course, you can't miss friends and family, meals, love stories accompanied by an orchestra and, above all, a lot of joy and desire to have a good time.

The topic, driven by Galicia Star, is part of a festival recovery campaign promoted by the brand, in which the final objective is to bring back life to the festivals of many Galician towns that, some time ago, stopped celebrating them. For this reason, a song that brought together all the elements that define the traditional Galician form of leisure was necessary.

To get this, Nettle returns to cumbia (one of the reference rhythms of the festival) and its most primitive sound, since this time it abandons the winds of the Los Satélites Orchestra to encounter the sounds most typical of the productions of the late nineties and early 2000s. This type of music was made by a small number of people with electronic sound modules and digital instruments.

Regarding the lyrics, he has an old acquaintance: Cibrán García (Boyanka Kostova)which reflects the Galician idiosyncrasy and draws images of the culture of the place, as it has already done with “Muinheira de Interior”, “OG”, “Leiraz”, “Italofeira” and a long etcetera…

After having previewed a couple of singles from his new album (“Le Hice El Seso A Tu Novio” and “5ª Dimensión”), Nettle He is now back with his third album, which will be released after the summer, three years after the previous one. “You Know The Path I Chose”. During this time he has been immersed in projects such as Boyanka Kostova, Ortiga & PiliPampín either The Trackers and acting as a producer for people like Carlangas, Chacho Cósmico or Conjunto Amistá among others.

This month Ortiga will be performing at Tribeca Live in Oviedo on the 24th and in the Sala López de Zaragoza on the 25th. These events are part of the tour Spinning Through Rooms. Additionally, with dates yet to be announced, in June it will pass through Surfing The Lérez de Pontevedra on the 15th.

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