Kali Uchis finally announces her album 'Orquídeas'

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‘Orchids’ by Kali Uchis would appreciate more «Muévetes»

Kali Uchis released her new album this weekend, ‘Orquídeas’. It is that album in Spanish that she prepared in parallel to ‘Red Moon In Venus’. Her 2013 work left two viral hits like ‘I Wish You Roses’ and especially ‘Moonlight’. What does the current work of the author of ‘Isolation’ offer us?

‘Orquídeas’ contains some of the previous singles that we have known in previous months. There is the traditional bolero ‘Te mata’, there is his collaboration with El Alfa and JT ‘Muñekita’. There is no shortage of ‘Labios mordidas’ with Karol G and now the focus track is ‘Igual que unangel’ with Peso Pluma. ‘No hay ley’, which was one of the Best Songs of 2022, is recovered by adding a featuring by Rauw Alejandro. But it is the last song on the album that has conquered us. ‘Dame kiss / Muévete’, despite not being one of the main singles, is our Song of the Day for this Monday.

If at any point on the album Kali Uchis confuses her own style with self-indulgence, that does not happen in this song, which is a breath of fresh air that does invite repeating with ‘Orquídeas’. Shortly after Kali Uchis offers 3 of the main productions of this era in a row (tracks 10-12), he decides to give us something else.

“Dame kiss” is a longing sauce, in which Kali Uchis demands attention. This other rhythm, less R&B and more Latin than what she is used to, suits her tone and her plea like a glove “what I want is kisses, something very simple and simple.” ‘Suavemente (bésame)’, the merengue composed solo by Elvis Crespo, seems a clear reference. And then… we go to something else.

The second part of the song is called “Muévete”. Kali Uchis speeds up, as she speaks out against bullies (“And if a creep comes and starts talking, tell him “the music is loud, I can’t hear you”) and “dead little flies” (“Dead little fly flies / Who’s jealous at the door / She is tighter than a sash / With that envious face »). At the end, she says goodbye to the album and blows a kiss, knowing she is one of the most relevant stars of international pop. Kali Uchis, celebrating the great year that was 2023 and could be 2024.

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