Operación Triunfo leaves Bad Gyal without number 1 with 'La Joia'

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Operación Triunfo leaves Bad Gyal without number 1 with ‘La Joia’

The phenomenon of Operación Triunfo has been reflected every week in the list of best-selling albums in Spain, where the digital albums of each gala manage to position themselves strongly. If OT achieves such a feat with hardly any promotion, it was easy to predict how far the physical album of the edition could go: to the highest position. And so it has happened.

After a weekend where the triumphs have divided up to sign in some cities in Spain, Operación Triunfo’s album has managed to debut at number 1 on the list in our country. But be careful because the gala album 9 (#24) also enters, thus accumulating up to five albums in the top 100.

Inevitably this causes Bad Gyal to debut at number 2 with ‘La Joia’, his debut. Despite his long pre-sale and his collaborations with Myke Towers, Anitta, Young Miko or Quevedo, he has not been able to withstand the hurricane of Operación Triunfo. We will see if he maintains himself long enough in his second week to overtake the OT album and be number 1, but everything indicates that both albums will drop positions.

Wizard of Oz is another of the artists who sneak into the top 5, doing so with ‘Alice in the Metalverse’ (#4). Furthermore, The Smile also achieves a good and satisfactory entry in Spain with ‘Wall of Eyes’ (#12). Likewise, Jarfaiter and his ‘No Soy Nadie’ (#16), Figa Flawas thanks to ‘La Calçotada’ (#20) and Ángeles del Infierno with ‘Diabólica’ (#62) also stand out.

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