Omar Montes takes Las Chuches to number 3 in Spain Singles

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Omar Montes takes Las Chuches to number 3 in Spain Singles

This week, the Top 10 of the Spanish Singles chart has undergone quite a few changes. While the first two places remain the same as last week, with Saiko and Rvssian in first and second position, the surprise comes in the bronze.

In this way, 'EL PANTALON – RUMBAS' by Omar Montes, Lola Índigo and Las Chuches occupies number 3 on the list this week. Precisely, sampling the Las Chuches song of the same name. On the other hand, Isabel Aaiún reaches number 7 in the ranking with 'Potra Salvaje', after occupying number 18 last week.

The release of Rvfv's latest album, 'EL TIBURÓN', has been noted in the rankings. The man from Almeria has managed to sneak three songs into the Top: '0 CONFIANZA' with Morad (#26), 'RUEDA' with David Bisbal (#35) and 'COMO ESTAS BB' with Lola Índigo (#89). On the other hand, Sen Senra and Aitana have positioned their collaboration, 'Hermosa Casualidad', in 28th place.

The rest of the entries on the list star Trueno ('Real Gangsta Love', #47), DELLAFUENTE alongside Amore ('Malicia', #64), Eminem ('Houdini', #73), Luck Ra alongside Maluma and KHEA ('Hola Perdida Remix', #75), Los Ángeles Azules with Emilia ('Perdonarte, ¿Para Qué?', #85) and Central Cee with Lil Baby ('BAND4BAND', #90).

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