Oasis detail 30th anniversary reissue of 'Definitely Maybe'

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Oasis detail 30th anniversary reissue of 'Definitely Maybe'

A few days after Liam Gallagher tours arenas in the United Kingdom and Ireland reviewing the songs from 'Definitely Maybe', the reissue of the album is finally announced. No, there is no Oasis reunion in sight.

As you know if you are reading this, we are celebrating the 30th anniversary of Oasis' debut. It featured timeless anthems like 'Supersonic' and 'Live Forever', along with lost gems like 'Slide Away'.

The reissue will be released on August 30 including the remastering of the 2014 songs, now along with the discarded recording sessions from Monnow Valley Studios and others from Sawmills Studios. They have been mixed for the first time by Noel Gallagher and Callum Marinho. There will also be additional liner notes by Alan McGee of Creation Records and journalist Hamish MacBain. It will be a double CD or a quadruple LP, although there will be several editions with nuances to choose from.

Volume 1
1. 'Rock 'n' Roll Star' (Remastered)
2. 'Shakermaker' (Remastered)
3. 'Live Forever' (Remastered)
4. 'Up In The Sky' (Remastered)
5. 'Columbia' (Remastered)
6. 'Supersonic' (Remastered)
7. 'Bring It On Down' (Remastered)
8. 'Cigarettes & Alcohol' (Remastered)
9. 'Digsy's Dinner' (Remastered)
10. 'Slide Away' (Remastered)
11. 'Married With Children' (Remastered)

Volume 2
1. 'Rock 'n' Roll Star' (Monnow Valley Version)
2. 'Shakermaker' (Monnow Valley Version)
3. 'Live Forever' (Monnow Valley Version)
4. 'Up In The Sky' (Monnow Valley Version)
5. 'Columbia' (Monnow Valley Version)
6. 'Bring It On Down' (Monnow Valley Version)
7. 'Cigarettes & Alcohol' (Monnow Valley Version)
8. 'Digsy's Dinner' (Monnow Valley Version)
9. 'Rock 'n' Roll Star' (Sawmills Outtake)
10. 'Up In The Sky' (Sawmills Outtake)
11. 'Columbia' (Sawmills Outtake)
12. 'Bring It On Down' (Sawmills Outtake)
13. 'Cigarettes & Alcohol' (Sawmills Outtake)
14. 'Digsy's Dinner' (Sawmills Outtake)
15. 'Slide Away' (Sawmills Outtake)
16. 'Sad Song' (Mauldeth Road West Demo, Nov' 92)

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