Nusar 3000 estrena “Melaza” junto a Six Sex

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Nusar 3000 premieres “Melaza” with Six Sex

The electronic music artist Nusar 3000 presents the second preview of what will be his debut album. The song is titled “Melaza” and is a collaboration with Argentina six sex.

Nusar 3000 has entered the national scene skidding at full speed in the same way as the cars of drifting who starred in the video clip for “NASKAR”, the first preview of their debut album. Nusar 3000 has been driving confidently with music at full volume since he burst onto the scene with the release of “GOSTOSSISIMO” (22), his first EP, where based on sample, deconstructing and stretching the rhythms of Carioca funk, managed to impact his professional colleagues. This appearance, as well as collaborations with artists such as Dellafuenteand with emerging names like Judeline either Oddliquorthey placed him in the perfect position to launch his first work.

With his new single, “MELAZA”, Nusar 3000 is confirmed as one of the most important names on the alternative scene in Spanish. This song, as the artist describes it, is a “journey through the sounds of the Mediterranean; electronics and the influences of the music of the hardest clubs in the world.” He collaborates with one of the freshest artists on the Argentine scene, six sex: “it becomes a delirious invitation to sweat and get closer; it smells of gasoline and perfume and ends so quickly that no one knows what has happened, but what they do know is that they want to repeat it again,” explains the artist about the colaboration.

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