Nudozurdo llevarán su “Clarividencia” por España

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Nudozurdo will take their “Clairvoyance” through Spain

The Madrid indie rock group Left-handed confirms concert dates to present his album “Clairvoyance” (24) through several cities in Spain.

The Madrid-based Nudozurdo announce four concert dates for our country between the end of this year and the beginning of 2025. These first concert dates will serve to present their eighth album “Clairvoyance” (24), released at the beginning of the year through Boy Sound.

That is why with this eponymous tour the band has announced shows in León on November 6thin Alicante on Nov. 16in Salamanca on November 22thand the January 25 from 2025 in Gijón; These are the first dates confirmed so far. And it is that “Clairvoyance” It has become an essential project for the band, with a successful sound and honest lyrics that have achieved an extraordinary reception. The band will have the opportunity, not only to present their most recent hits, but to play live classics such as “Mil Espejos” or “Has been fun.”

The band has been performing in other cities, such as Oviedo, Granada, Seville, Madrid and Barcelona, ​​and now they will culminate this tour with the following four performances. Furthermore, Nudozurdo have continued to surprise their followers with the recent release of the single “You have to kill that pig / The satisfaction of a job well done.”

The next cities the group will pass through are León (November 6, El Gran Café), Alicante (November 16, Sala Stereo), Salamanca (November 22, Sala Camelot) and Gijón (January 25, 2025, Sala Acapulco). You can get tickets for Nudozurdo concerts at this link.

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