Nudozurdo return 6 years after separating: single and concerts

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Nudozurdo return 6 years after separating: single and concerts

left-handed knot said goodbye when they were going to take Franco out of the Valley of the Fallen – I remember it very well from the iconic promotional photos of Leo Mateos in such an impressive place – and they return when the dictator seems to have resurrected at the doors of Ferraz Street.

As withdrawn as ever, the sole composer of this project did not explain last night the reasons why Nudozurdo are returning 6 years after announcing their separation. They said, then, that they had been “completely emptied”, so perhaps they have returned because they have somehow managed to fill the gap.

Last night at 10:00 p.m. at Sala El Sol, in a surprise event teased on social networks, and for which JENESAISPOP invited 10 lucky attendees (sorry for those of the afternoon’s flood of requests), the video of a new song, ‘Angel Genetics’, was screened.

A song proud to maintain its post-punk references, its long instrumental developments, a pounding rhythmic base at some points of the recording, and of course, the restlessness of Mateos’ voice, which in the second half of the song is limited to howling and to ask that you “let him in.” Perhaps the success of Depression Sonico has encouraged Nudozurdo to return: they have signed with their same label, Sonido Muchacho.

The concert was made up of several new songs, rough, continuous… I thought I understood that one talked about loneliness to no one’s surprise. But above all it served to resituate the old left-handed compositions in our time. Their unease is still valid at a time when so many bands (Carolina Durante, La Paloma…) speak of generational disenchantment.

The concert, lasting 1 hour with 1 encore with 2 songs, opened with an extended version up to 10 minutes? from ‘LÁSER LOVE’. Other songs such as ‘Modern Doses’ were also played, until the show closed with ‘The Good Devil with Me’, highlighting of course the selections from his magnum opus ‘Synthetic’: ‘Milmires’, with its beautiful 2-minute intro, the agitated and chanted ‘It’s been fun’ and the cathartic ‘The son of God’. It’s funny that Nudozurdo separated in 2018, shortly before the pandemic. It won’t be because they didn’t warn us about the apocalypse.

Other occasions have already been announced in which the group will surely be able to recover other classics such as ‘I promise to hurt you’ or do justice to ‘Úrsula there is snow at home’, which since they separated has not stopped growing, taken from their latest album ‘ Amateur Voyeur’. “See you soon,” said Leo Mateos, who simply said “thank you for coming.” 400 lucky ones once again filled a Madrid room for them, as in those moments when they overflowed, for example, the Sala Caracol.

New dates for left-handed knot:
01/26 -Oviedo, La Salvaje
01/27 -Valladolid, Cientocero
09/02 -Vigo, Radar Studies
02/10 – A Coruña, Mardi Gras room (tickets on WeGow)
02/15 – Bilbao, Kafé Antzokia (tickets on WeGow)
02/16 – San Sebastián, Dabadaba (tickets on WeGow)
01/03 – Granada, Ground Floor
02/03 – Seville, Malandar
07/03 – Valencia, 16 Tons
03/08 – Murcia, Spectrum room (tickets on WeGow)
03/22 – Zaragoza, López room (tickets on WeGow)
03/23 Barcelona, ​​Apollo 2

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