Nucleus 6 now available for Nucleus 22 cochlear implant users

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Nucleus 6 now available for Nucleus 22 cochlear implant users

Cochlear, a leading global manufacturer of cochlear implants, maintains a lifelong commitment to users. For this reason, it offers the latest technology in sound processors to cochlear implant users of previous models. Now, people implanted with the Nucleus 22 system can now access the latest technology in sound processors: Nucleus 6. This processor is the smallest in the world and the one that offers the greatest water resistance. Since December 14, it is available in UMusic stores.

The Nucleus 6 comes in two series (CP910 and CP920) and implies the possibility of updating certain processors, such as the models WSP, MSP, Spectra, Spirit, Esprit 3G and Freedom.

Cochelar’s new device also incorporates a environment classifier (listening situations) fully automatic call SCAN. In this way it is no longer necessary to change the program manually, since the device is responsible for doing so to achieve the best hearing performance in every situation and moment.

Apart from being the smallest on the market, the Nucleus 6 also has a degree of protection and a sophisticated coating that helps repel water. Furthermore, it is compatible with Aqua + accessoryalso from Cochelar, which allows its users to carry the cochlear implant with them even if they take a swim in the sea or the pool.

Complete the table of differential characteristics of this new sound processor its Compatibility with Cochelar wireless accessoriesallowing you to enjoy clear and crisp sound without the need for cables, whether it comes from your phone, a music player or television.

Javier Garciadirector of the UMusic Hearing Implants Area, considers that the Nucleus 6 “It is a sign of our willingness to contribute to improving the listening experience of our customers with the latest and most advanced technology.”

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