Noah Kahan invites Gracie Abrams on 'Everywhere, Everything'

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Noah Kahan invites Gracie Abrams on ‘Everywhere, Everything’

If something stands out in the new generation of emerging artists, it is the involvement in the composition of their songs. It is precisely this factor that makes Noah Kahan stand out in his album ‘Stick Season’, which has ended up earning him a nomination for Best New Artist at the next Grammys. And, although it has hits like the song that gives its name to the album, there were gems like ‘Everywhere, Everything’ that were going unnoticed. Until now.

Kahan, who did not have any collaborations on the album, is inviting artists to sing with him on some of the songs. And, although there is room on that guest list for artists of the stature of Post Malone or Kacey Musgraves, there is also room for newcomers with whom perhaps Noah Kahan can identify more. One of them is Gracie Abrams, also nominated for Best New Artist at the 2024 Grammys.

Ready to join forces in one of the most important moments of their respective careers, Noah Kahan and Gracie Abrams sing a duet on ‘Everywhere, Everything’, the seventh track on ‘Stick Season’. And, perhaps showing the wisdom that is slowly taking over Kahan, the song manages to shine in a way it didn’t before. Although the original seemed perfect, the new version works magic and shrugs its shoulders at the mere demonstration that it did need a female voice.

The song is a song to love at its finest. In an imaginary world in which everything is falling apart, or perhaps serving as a metaphor for those stages of life in which everything seems to fall apart, artists cling to their lover to keep going. “Would we survive in a horror movie?” Kahan asks. “I doubt it, we’re going too slow,” he answers to himself at the beginning of the song. But Abrams reassures him later: “Drive slowly, I know all the routes in this county.” “I want to love you until we are food for worms,” the two intertwined voices shout, fitting together wonderfully.

The song, which seems to be composed for a soundtrack due to its enormous capacity to create images in the listener, is an excellent representation of the discography that Noah Kahan is building and his interest in wanting to stand out thanks to the composition. Backed by their lyrics as happened to Gracie Abrams in her ‘Good Riddance’, both will compete to become award-winning artists from the Recording Academy on February 4.

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