Noah And The Loners vuelven a Madrid este mes

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Noah And The Loners return to Madrid this month

The young British champions of the new punk, Noah And The Lonersthey will act on April 18 in Madrid within The Great Escape In Madrid Showcase & Mixer.

The band, which has burst into punk in its country with a lot of energy and freshness, returns to our country to perform at the event in which the “Spain Lead Country” project by The Great Escape Festival 2024 to the music industry, media and fans. The concert will take place in the hall Intruder Bar in Madridpresented by The Spanish Wave, British Council, Houston Party and Marshall Live Agency. The Galician singer will also be performing and representing our country. Sila Lua (Altafonte), who is already confirmed to perform in Brighton in May.

Let us remember that Noah And The Loners They were the protagonists of a first Spanish tour last January with performances in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Valencia and Donostia.

Noah And The Loners They published their first EP at the end of February, “A Desolate Warning”, which contains five songs. Two of these songs, “Hell Of A Day” and “Crash Landing”, which has already appeared on the BBC 6 Music playlist, had been released in recent months as singles. The EP has had the production of Neil Kennedy (Creeper, Milk Teeth, Boston Manor) and has been released through the label Marshall Records.

“A Desolate Warning” is a collection of songs that address injustices and social inequality in the daily struggle of modern life. They do it with raw energy and caustic lyrics that filter messages of hope for those facing the challenges of adolescence and social norms. “It's a little difficult to put into words how proud we are to launch 'A Desolate Warning'”Noah commented. “These songs made us as a band. They are the product of four over-energetic young people who bounced off each other creatively, growing enormously in the process. We hope people connect with everything we're trying to say on the EP. That it makes them feel something in their stomach and they get angry with the state of the world.”

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