Nilüfer Yanya (goes full throttle) in 'Like I Say (I runaway)'

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Nilüfer Yanya (goes full throttle) in 'Like I Say (I runaway)'

Nilüfer Yanya is back on the music scene after two years since her last single. The artist, who released her second album 'Painless' in 2022 (one of the 50 best of the year for JENESAISPOP), has released the cover letter for her third studio album. It's called 'Like I Say (I runaway)' and, as the name suggests, there's no time to waste.

Supported by a fairly agile rock that makes the song happen almost flying, Nilüfer Yanya sings of a love that is falling apart despite her efforts to save it. “I'm tearing up inside,” she confesses in the song's chorus. However, the artist knows that there is nothing worse than being in a relationship in which you feel like you are not getting the most out of life. “As I say, as I say, as I say / I run away because I have precious time / I can't waste, it's a state of mind,” she says in one of her verses.

«It's about how you choose to spend your time. Time, each moment, is like a currency. You're never going to get it back. “It's something quite overwhelming to understand,” the artist says honestly when explaining the meaning behind the song. But the single is even more desolate: “Tell me everything is going to be okay / When I lose sight of myself.”

The singer hires her sister, Molly Daniel, for the recording of the video clip for 'Like I Say (I runaway)', where we see Nilüfer Yanya running for almost three minutes. Giving humor to the deep message of the song, Yanya abandons her future husband in the middle of the altar. Dressed as a bride, she throws the bouquet of flowers on the ground and runs away without looking back. Perhaps moving forward is one of the greatest achievements of human beings.

'Like I Say (I runaway)' is the first original music that Nilüfer Yanya has released since the release of her last album. Later we have heard her collaborating with Liss ('Boys in Movies') or covering PJ Harvey ('Rid of Me').

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