Nicki Minaj suffers new controversies with Kanye West… and Billboard

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Nicki Minaj suffers new controversies with Kanye West… and Billboard

It wouldn’t feel like a true Nicki Minaj release week if there weren’t controversies swirling around the rapper. So, just days after the release of ‘Pink Friday 2’, not only has the artist been accused of postponing Kanye West’s new album, but she’s also openly ranted at Billboard.

As for the first thing, Kanye West was supposed to release the collaborative album ‘Vultures’ with Ty Dolla $ign this Friday. On the tracklist was ‘New Body’, a song that dates back to 2018 and also features Nicki Minaj. Shortly after midnight struck and it was confirmed that West had not released the album, he posted a screenshot on Instagram showing the message he had sent to Minaj: “Can I call you to put ‘New Body’ on the new album?

Later, the rapper did a live on the same platform where he was able to talk to some of his fans, thus responding to one who asked him directly about the song with Kanye West: “That train has already passed, okay? No disrespect. I just released a new album. Why would I release a song that has been published for 3 years? Come on, guys. West then responded: “I made that girl rewrite her verse for ‘Monster’ 3 times. I supported her career. So I don’t know what’s going on.”

As for the second controversy, perhaps we will have a continuation of the drama next Sunday. The rapper has shown her discontent on X, formerly Twitter, regarding a decision made by Billboard, the main source of charts in the United States. “Billboard has contacted me to tell me that they are going to take away my sales for telling you about the 100 Barbz.” The “100 Barbz” thing is a contest in which any fan of the artist can participate by publishing a photo that shows that she has purchased the 4 versions of her album. From all of them, Minaj will choose 100 of her to meet in her own studio.

As confirmed by the rapper in a now-deleted tweet, Billboard will discount up to 100,000 sales from the 300,000 that ‘Pink Friday 2’ had generated. The predictionsHowever, they already estimated a debut of around 200,000 sales. “They are punishing me for not signing a 360, making good music, having great fans and for not abandoning my career so that their new Nicki (who signed 360 contracts) can be promoted and appear to be much more successful than they really are,” has written in X.

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