Nicki Minaj pulls hoaxes to disgrace Megan in 'Big Foot'

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Nicki Minaj pulls hoaxes to disgrace Megan in ‘Big Foot’

Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion are no longer experiencing their ‘Hot Girl Summer’ together and are engaged in a bitter public feud that has only just begun, with both of them sharing insults both on social networks and in their own music.

The origin of the fight between Nicki and Megan is found in a phrase contained in the lyrics of ‘Hiss’, the new single by Thee Stallion. In this phrase, Thee Stallion alludes to the American “Megan’s Law”, an apparent indirect to the problems of Minaj’s husband, Kenneth Perry, with the law, since he is a registered sex offender. Nicki has taken the hint and responded with a song.

In ‘Big Foot’, Nicki compares Megan to the mythical bigfoot monster for supposedly having big feet (Megan is almost six feet tall, her stage name alludes to the “stallion” horse). Above all, Nicki goes straight to doing damage by repeatedly mentioning Megan’s “dead mother,” both to accuse Megan of “lying and swearing about her dead mother,” and to accuse her of sleeping with her mother’s partner after she died. died (“How do you fuck your mother man when she dies?”).

Nicki of course picks on Megan’s flow (“your flow is boring”) at another point in ‘Big Foot’, and discredits the Grammys (Megan has won three golden gramophones, Nicki still none) for having awarded her despite that “his flow is a no.”

At other points in ‘Big Foot’, Nicki entertains herself by launching conspiracies against Megan and accuses the author of ‘Savage’ both of using “shadow composers” and of inventing the shot in the foot she suffered in 2020 by her partner at the time, rapper Tory Lanez (“they shot you and you don’t have a wound?”), despite the fact that Megan demonstrated that she had indeed been the victim of a gunshot by publishing a graphic image of her injured foot. She also reproaches Megan for having “slept with her best friend’s man.”

Nicki takes advantage of the final seconds of ‘Big Foot’ to address Megan and, in a conversational but threatening tone, declares that “since you think it’s fun to talk about other people’s families, we’re all in,” and hints that there will be a second part of ‘Big Foot’. Megan has not responded to ‘Big Foot’ at the moment.

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