New Final Sonorous X and VIII headphones

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New Final Sonorous X and VIII headphones

The maximum expression of applied Japanese technological perfectionism arrives
to the universe of electrodynamic headphones

Presented during the last High End show in Munich, the headphones Sonorous and VIII They constitute the maximum expression of the new range of circumaural headphones (range Sonorous) from the veteran Japanese firm Final. Direct repositories of a tradition of searching for excellence in audio, which dates back to 1974, the two new models have been conceived to become an absolute reference within the products of their class, those equipped with electrodynamic transducers. They have a series of technical refinements exclusive to Final that allow them to exhibit features as attractive from a practical point of view as a 16 ohm impedance that guarantees optimal listening results from any portable audio device.

The Sonorous more expert, since each unit is individually handcrafted. The passion for details, common in each and every one of the creations of Finalis taken to its maximum expression in the Sonorous, with shells that combine aluminum and stainless steel in order to constitute the best possible enclosure for a sophisticated 50 mm diameter electrodynamic speaker. This combines an aluminum support with a titanium diaphragm in the context of the exclusive BAM final scheme. BAM is the acronym for “Balancing Air Movement”a concept that covers the design of the different construction elements of the acoustic subsystem of the Sonorous, from the pad to the helmet, in order to control air movement and avoid pressure overloads that limit listening to music with headphones. Of the Sonorous It is also worth highlighting its great lightness (only 630 grams), the use of easily adaptable ear pads that minimize fatigue, and a detachable cable with locking mechanism included. The result is a sound brimming with vitality and extraordinarily detailed that takes the concept of sound reproduction without compromise in intimacy to a new dimension.

Conceptually and formally very similar to the Sonorousthe Sonorous VIII They use the same structure and acoustic configuration (and therefore the BAM scheme) to offer slightly less opulent performance at a more competitive price, making them a true benchmark in quality/price ratio within the field of headphones. from High End. Thus, in the Sonorous VIII, the aluminum of the shells has been replaced by ABS, which gives extra lightness to the whole, while the transducer used is also a 50 mm diameter electrodynamic design that combines an aluminum casing with a titanium diaphragm. In the words of its creators, the Sonorous VIII offer a very dense representation of music with a vast soundstage, which provides exceptional levels of realism.

PVR VAT incl: Sonorous VIII: €1999; Sonorous X: €3,999

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