New Cyrus Phono Signature

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New Cyrus Phono Signature

The Cyrus R&D team has been thinking outside the box for our latest addition to the Cyrus component range; have reinvented the phono preamp in order to significantly improve the performance of vinyl.

David Maroto, director of the R&D team, says: “Our first objective as engineers is to satisfy the most demanding HD lover, so clearly, sound quality was our main objective. However, with the addition of remote control memory functions, we have allowed audiophiles to tailor their capsule to perfection, but also interact with and correct frustrating tonal limitations in real time. Vinyl fans know that each one sounds different, because some were better mastered and pressed than others.

Many believe that vinyl is the most emotionally involved recorded music medium. Perfect new vinyl will sound wonderful. However, records in a collection can vary in their mastering and pressing qualities and will therefore benefit from subtle modifications made to the phono preamp that can brighten or soothe an imperfect record. The Phono Signature allows this fine adjustment both from the front panel and from the listening position via the remote control.

We have a long history with vinyl: we launched our first audiophile-grade phono preamp (aEQ7) in 1998, allowing us to add a next-level vinyl solution to the Cyrus family of components. Now, in 2016, we are bringing to market what is arguably the most exceptional design of all time, offering the most advanced phono preamp on the world market.

Technically, the Phono Signature has been designed to exceed the expectations of the greatest audiophiles, particularly in areas such as dynamics, precise cartridge adaptation and flexibility of use. By adding the ability to remotely control cartridge adaptation via infrared, for the first time we will be able to offer invaluable tonal control to discs with imperfect balance. Stereo sound level meters acting in real time allow you to clearly and precisely adjust the volume between inputs.

The Phono Signature allows up to four turntables to be connected permanently so that the user can enjoy multiple cartridges, turntables or arms. Each of the four inputs can be precisely tailored to the capsule’s specifications and the user’s acoustic preferences. Gain, resistance and capacitance can be configured for MC capsules, offering up to 160 possible combinations. It also includes a switchable distortion filter that allows you to maximize the performance of the amplifier.

The Phono Signature enjoys a high-capacity, low-noise switching power supply that allows the preamplifier to deliver an extremely wide dynamic range, ensuring very large signal volumes before they distort. Attention to circuit design and component placement ensures a very low noise floor that further expands musical dynamics.

The RIAA passive de-emphasis filter uses very high-performance metallized polyester capacitors to obtain the best possible sonic results.

Better performance will be achieved using the optional PSX-R2 external power supply. This offers highly regulated direct power for signal amplification.

The Phono Signature will be on sale from December 1, 2015.

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