New Chord Clearway Digital

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New Chord Clearway Digital

Clearway Digital is a new Tuned ARAY digital audio cable, priced very affordably at just £100. Available in a variety of terminations, including a 3.5mm mono jack for today’s high-performance portable devices, the Clearway Digital was designed to deliver uncompromising digital sound across a wide range of audio products. Audio.

Standard terminations include both Chord’s silver-plated VEE 3 RCA connectors and silver-plated BNC connectors. Chord Company has also recognized the growing importance of portable DACs and is offering the Clearway Digital with 3.5mm jack. This configuration allows the owner of a DAC or other devices equipped with a 3.5mm coaxial terminal to experience the levels of clarity, detail and musical coherence inherent to Tuned ARAY digital cables.

The Clearway Digital model adopts some features of the company’s flagship, the extraordinarily revealing Sarum Super ARAY Digital, and results in a £100 interconnect cable with exceptionally transparent and consistent performance.

Clearway Digital uses an oxygen-free copper conductor combined with gas injection foamed polyethylene insulation and woven copper shielding. Clearway Digital refines 30 years of Chord Company experience into a highly affordable interconnect cable for the digital age; Replaces Prodac VEE3 digital cable.

DACs are making leaps and bounds in performance and affordability. At Chord we are excited to be able to introduce its ARAY technology, first developed for the Sarum Digital cable, to Clearway Digital. Clearway Digital is a very economical way to experience the exceptional coherence with which ARAY digital cables transmit the music signal.

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