Nervous System they no longer have 2 monthly listeners

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Nervous System they no longer have 2 monthly listeners

Yesterday, somewhere in Murcia and Torrevieja, two people were listening to the newly arrived group Sistema Nervoso. They would do it, with total security, with their debut song, because they have no other. Today, those listeners have risen to 48 on Spotify. And, if they convince the public, who knows if the number will increase a little more.

Sistema Nervioso is a group made up of Guille Solano, Arturo Casabuena and Pedro Q (Media Playa), three artists who had already shared the stage in some squares in Murcia but it was not until now that they started making music together (or, at least, to publish it).

Their debut song, the eponymous song ‘Sistema Nervioso’, aims to present the group with an 80s revival sound, in which they also take the opportunity to alternate it with traces of noise pop. Its almost five minutes of duration are a sonic journey through this experiment, since there is hardly any space for lyrical content. The lyrics, if anything, further reinforce this presentation: “At the Arganda del Rey service station there is someone playing the piano.”

Sistema Nervoso’s single plays with sound and tries to have fun without showing hardly any narrative but convinced that it doesn’t need it. “Those photos on social networks affect my nervous system,” the chorus, is repeated continuously while the listener has the sensation that each of those times is sung differently.

The song will be part of an EP that the group will release next spring. In the absence of more music, we can only stay with the description that they themselves have used to make themselves known: “a new project that aims to combine the teachings of David Byrne and musical exercises related to the direct path of adventure, since there is post rock , avant-prog and baroque.

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