Nebulossa, already among the winners of Benidorm Fest

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Nebulossa takes his ‘ZORRA’ to the top 5 of Spanish Singles

This is the most relevant musical news in the country so far this year: Nebulossa will represent Spain in Eurovision with their song ‘ZORRA’. At the height of the controversy two years ago over the Chanel-Rigoberta-Tanxugueiras drama, the winner of the Benidorm Fest has once again been the object of political debate in our country. Even the president has taken a position on the matter! And that has been reflected, as expected, in the Spanish charts, where ‘ZORRA’ has debuted at position number 5.

This is Nebulossa’s first entry on the list. The song is also the most played on the Eurovision 2024 YouTube channel so far. Her great streaming data is also reflected on Spotify, where she has already accumulated more than five million views and is number 1 on the national list of viral songs. Without knowing her performance in the European competition, Nebulossa already has reasons to feel that she has won.

‘Zorra’ is the only song from Benidorm Fest that enters the official Spanish singles chart: neither Almácor, nor Marlena, nor St. Pedro, nor Jorge González, in principle favorites by numbers and/or result in the final of Benidorm Fest , place their respective singles in classification.

There are more entries on the list this week. Quevedo has achieved a new number 1 thanks to his new single ‘La Última’. After entering 28th position a few days ago, he has been able to climb the ladder to reach the top. In this way, he displaces Bizarrap and Young Miko, who had remained in the top 1 thanks to the Argentine’s most recent session.

Accustomed to the frequent dominance of foreign artists, it is great news that the rest of the week’s entries are also featured by Spanish artists. The second of them stars Lola Índigo and Saiko from Granada, who put their song ‘Una Bachata’ (#9) from Lola Índigo’s EP ‘GRX’ in the top 10. Likewise, Rels B is invited to that party, who debuts his ballad ‘Ni 1 Complejo’ at number 70. Finally, Cruz Cafuné debuts his ‘Movin Loko’ at position 76.

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