Nebulossa, already among the winners of Benidorm Fest

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Nebulossa, already among the winners of Benidorm Fest

Benidorm Fest has just kicked off, without spectacular numbers for any of the aspiring songs, but with several names that are going to make people talk. One of them is Nebulossa. The band formed by María Bas and Mark Dasousa had already published an album called ‘Poliédrica de mí’, thanks to which one of our users last year baptized them as “the kings of retro Synthware in Spanish”. And with their latest singles they have surpassed themselves.

There is ‘You put me to a thousand’, there is the ingenious ‘Me has given porno’ (which is actually “he has given me no”) and now ‘ZORRA’, the recording with which they aspire to represent Spain in Eurovision and which is our Song of the Day today.

‘ZORRA’ is going to need just a couple more days to become the most listened to song of Nebulossa’s entire career, which means that they have already gained from the Benidorm Fest experience. It is an efficient electropop song, which overcomes its electroclash title to leave a feminist message. Like Las Vulpes from ‘I like to be a zorra’, like Zahara from ‘PUTA’ or like the Lula from ‘Guarra’, ‘ZORRA’ reappropriates an insult to launch a message of feminist liberation:
«If I go out alone I’m the bitch
If I have fun, the sluttiest
If I extend and it’s daylight
“I’m even more of a slut.”

The song goes beyond its catchy title with a good melody, especially on the bittersweet “I’m in a good time” bridge, adding some pretty fun production when it indulges in Autotune at the song’s climax. Or is it an Amaia Montero effect?

We don’t know if the demoscopic vote will be strongly in favor of bringing a song called ‘ZORRA’ to Eurovision, or even if the jury will support it, but in any case, it is already one of the revelations of this edition.

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