Nebraska announce the end of the group

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Nebraska announce the end of the group

The Madrid band Nebraska, which has developed an interesting sound attached to American roots music, culminating in the publication through Subterfuge of its debut album ‘Las Aventuras de Todos Partes’, its first and only album, in 2019, has announced the end of the project. There will be a farewell concert on January 20, at the Sala Mon in Madrid.

Nebraska has not announced a separation as such, as it communicates that it will continue composing, making music and playing from time to time, although it is understood that it will no longer publish singles or albums. «More than 5 years ago we started Nebraska and now it’s time to stop. This is not a farewell but the closing of a stage as a group. “We will continue making music, we will continue getting together to play, teach each other songs and make a little noise from time to time,” his statement begins.

“The five of us are very happy with what we have done and how we have done it, always staying faithful to what we believed was the right thing to do at all times: making the best songs we know how to make,” the text continues. «We have surrounded ourselves with so many incredible people that it does not fit in one post, but to each person who has participated in this project up and down the stage, on the road, in the studios, in the videos, photos, on the radio, in the rehearsal rooms, in the bars and in our homes, from Bilbao to Seville, from Salamanca to Valencia, from when we started until the last album and the last room that we are going to do; “We thank you for all the enthusiasm and affection with which you have accompanied us.”

Among Nebraska’s featured singles, ‘My Great Redemption’ has 300,000 streams, making it their most listened to song. ‘The function’ or ‘Erotic dream’ are other of her most popular moments. In the last year, Nebraska has published the EP ‘La Función’ (2022) and in 2023 it has released the singles ‘Me da Igual’ and, a few weeks ago, ‘Vidas cruzas’.

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