Nathy Peluso returns to the 2000s to make it 'LEGENDARY'

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Nathy Peluso returns to the 2000s to make it 'LEGENDARY'

Nathy Peluso has released her new album, 'GRASA'. The long-awaited third LP by the Argentine artist has arrived with a thematic video for each song and with the strength that has always characterized the singer. 'LEGENDARIO' is one of the most immediate cuts and our Song of the Day.

'GRASA' contains collaborations of all kinds, from Duki, Ca7riel & Paco Amoroso and Lua de Santana, to an interlude starring C. Tangana. It's also surprising to see Blood Orange on the tracklist. However, in the album's focus track, the Argentine singer doesn't need anyone else to shine.

Over a busy beat with hints of the early 2000s, a la Kanye or Timbaland, Nathy lists his many achievements and shows a window into his lifestyle. «I took seven pills to go to sleep / Everyone says: «Nathy, what's wrong with you», he sings at the beginning of the song. While she makes it 'LEGENDARY', the Argentine does not lose her distinctive humor: “Hangover face and I have to go out, with the paparazzi at the door of my house.”

La Sandunguera also does not forget her detractors in her new banger with a verse focused on rap. “They didn't bet and I qualified / You turned me around when she called you, and now what?” Raps the Argentine, who reminds us that she won a Grammy doing just this: rapping. Before diving into the powerful chorus, Nathy adds a shot of confidence: “I have almost nothing left to lose / And if I lose it it will be by making it legendary.”

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