Nathy Peluso releases 'Grasa', her new album this month

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Nathy Peluso releases 'Grasa', her new album this month

Nathy Peluso has announced that her new album, 'Grasa', comes out this month, on May 24. Four years later, 'Calambre', Nathy Peluso's debut album, will finally receive a sequel.

Published in October 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, 'Calambre' elevated Peluso to the commercial frontline thanks to the success of 'Delito' and 'Puro Veneno'. Container of other hits like 'Buenos Aires' or 'Sana Sana', 'Calambre' was one of the best albums of that year.

What has come next has been a practically unfathomable mountain of own or collaborative singles. From the collaboration with Bizarrap to the recent 'She has' with Tiago PZK, Nathy Peluso's individual releases have followed each other slowly but surely. It is unknown if some will be part of 'Grasa' or not. Due to seniority, 'Mafiosa' or 'Emergency' would be ruled out. They could also be left out, 'You're great', 'Dumb' or 'Wild'.

Nathy Peluso has just visited Argentina to sing live another of her collaborations, 'Gato Malo' with Karol G, during the 'Mañana Sera Bonito Tour' in Buenos Aires.

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