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Nathy Peluso gets brave in 'Learning to love'

Nathy Peluso's new single leaves several surprises. 'Learning to love you' is less than two minutes long. 1 minute and 39 seconds are enough for Peluso to begin his new era, that of his album 'Grasa', which comes out on May 24.

In 'Learn to Love' Peluso returns to his rapping side and leaves a series of bars in which he reflects on some of his favorite topics, especially discipline (“everything in this life costs money, costs minute hands, costs Vaseline”) and self-love, which the title of the song points to.

But politics also fits into 'Learning to Love', many years after turning to the IMF for help. This time, La Sandunguera says that “politics comes in” no one knows where and, later, he raps that “even if he puts sugar in it, politics tastes like cement,” and shares a reflection: “We all want the revolution, right?” But who takes a moment? When he points out that “the capital is fighting and an earthquake is coming,” it is evident what he is referring to.

In the midst of trademark references to the “Milanesa”, to his own fame, or to El Pity, Peluso has time to collaborate with Pablopablo for the instrumental part of 'Aprender a amar', which seems to focus on Kanye West more magnanimous. Especially the bravura trumpets have all the 'Power' of many West productions past and present.

The video clip for 'Aprender a amar' gives all the attention to Nathy Peluso and the expressiveness with which she interprets the lyrics of the song. Agustín Puente is behind the management.

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