Nacho Vegas, to the former mayor of Pamplona: "Happy new year and independence!"

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Nacho Vegas, to the former mayor of Pamplona: “Happy new year and independence!”

One of the anecdotes of the week involved Nacho Vegas and politician Cristina Ibarrola (UPN). The former mayor of Pamplona, ​​who has just lost the motion of censure in the plenary session of the Navarrese City Council, used one of the singer’s verses during her farewell speech. He did not take long to respond through social networks.

“There is no final victory or total defeat,” said the former mayor after losing the motion of censure and thus referring to the artist, who is “certainly very leftist,” according to Ibarrola herself. The quote belongs to ‘El don de la ternura’, a “wonderful song” that is part of her latest album ‘Mundos immóviles derrumbaiendo’.

Nacho Vegas quickly turned to X, formerly Twitter, to respond to the former mayor: “Thank you very much, Cristina Ibarrola, happy New Year and Independence!” The tweet is also written in Basque. It is common for the singer to get involved in political issues; In fact, it is in ‘The Gift of Tenderness’ where he encompasses concern for “an era in which almost everything is unbridled polarization”, with “little space for what is not extreme or resounding.”

In the past, Nacho Vegas was linked to Podemos, and his continuous defense of the Asturian language, which he sometimes uses in his music, is well known. Ibarrola, for her part, has been ousted from the City Council after an agreement between EH Bildu, Geroa Bai, Contigo-Zurekin and the PSN-PSOE. The new mayor is now Joseba Asiron, from EH Bildu.

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